Talula menstrual cups making the news

Talula menstrual cups making the news

Most people including women, find talking about menstruation uncomfortable.  From an early age we get the message that our periods are shameful, dirty, embarrassing.  Something to keep quiet about, a private matter, to be endured without complaint or announcement. 

Taboo or not, it is still a subject that needs addressing especially given that every girl without exception will experience their menstrual cycle once they hit puberty.  Not a one off occurrence, but for every month of their lives until they reach menopause, will be spent dealing with this intrusion.  So why be shy?  Let’s put it out there.

By encouraging users to engage with their bodies during their menstrual cycle the Talula menstrual cup plays a subtle but useful role in normalizing periods.

The Talula menstrual cup is inserted into the vagina where it sits neatly and collects menstrual fluid.

Changing period attitudes is a long and arduous task and even if you’re not interested in that, using a menstrual cup offers practical benefits.  First of all it is money saving.  Most women go through a packet of pads or tampons per period.  So you are spending at least ZMK200.00 a year on menstrual products.  A Talula menstrual cup costs ZMK150. 00 And can last for up to ten years with proper care.

It’s a onetime purchase so it also reduces the massive amount of waste generated by pads and tampons. The Talula Menstrual Cup comes in a box and a reusable storage bag so no wastage unless you count the box which is bio-degradable.

The Talula menstrual cup doesn’t contain dyes, odour neutralizers, or other chemicals. 

The Talula menstrual cup doesn’t need to be changed as often as pads or tampons.  Depending on your flow, the Talula menstrual cup can remain inserted for up to 8 hours.  You can even sleep with it inserted.

The Talula menstrual cup promotes vaginal health.  The cup is made from medical grade silicone so it can be washed and sterilized during and between cycles.  It does not harbour dangerous bacteria.

Tampons absorb natural vaginal fluids as well as menstrual blood, which dry out the vaginal walls, increasing the risk of toxic shock syndrome or TSS.  The Talula menstrual cup only collects the blood that the body is discharging.

Pads are made using non organic cotton and often contain strong chemicals that can cause irritation and chaffing. 

Wearing the Talula menstrual cup allows women to carry on with their day to day lives without the worry of leaking, chaffing or unpleasant odours. 

Imagine what this could mean to school girls who often miss attending school during their periods for these reasons?   With the Talula menstrual cup they would never need to miss lessons or sports events again.


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