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Introducing a smart, hygienic and reusable menstrual cup. Travel, work, run, swim and dance with no fear of leaking. Talula Cup lasts for up to 10 years so it saves money and time. No more expensive sanitary napkins, pads or tampons. So far over 1500 women across Zambia have benefited from the Talula Cup!

  • Talula Cup eliminates menstrual dryness, odour, leaks and irritation

  • Talula Cup can hold three times more than pads or tampons can absorb

  • Talula Cup is made from medical grade silicone so it causes no allergies

  • Talula Cup can be worn overnight, for up to 10 hours

  • Talula cup is comfortable, clean and easy to use

  • Talula Cup is more environmentally friendly than pads and tampons

  • For all women no matter their size, age or shape


What is it?

The Talula Cup is a small medical grade silicone menstrual cup used instead of sanitary pads or tampons.

The Talula Cup is inserted carefully inside the vagina below the cervix. Once inside the Talula Cup makes a very gentle seal against the walls of the vagina. Here it will safely collect your menstrual blood. This seal also prevents any odour from escaping giving you confidence that you don’t have with pads, tampons and napkins.

During heavy flow the cup needs to be emptied every few hours, but when the flow is lighter the cup can stay inserted for up to 10 hours. This can be very useful if you are travelling or attending school or you are unable to get to a toilet.

To empty the Talula Cup grip the cup with your fingers and gently pull down being careful not to spill the contents. Tip the contents down the toilet. Wash the cup in clean water and mild soap and reinsert as before.

At the end of the cycle the Talula Cup should be sterilised by boiling it in water for five minutes.

See on the diagram where the Talula cup sits in the vagina compared to tampons.


About Us

Founder of Talula - Alice Fircks lives and works on a farm in Northern Zambia.

Alice discovered the menstrual cup in 2006 and has been advocating its usefulness ever since. In 2015 she started to trial different cups with the purpose of finding the one most suitable for women in Zambia. She invited women to trial it for her and had a very positive feedback. Having selected the most suitable cup she launched her project in January 2017. 

Alice and her small team consisting of Joyce Rusunda and Sandra Changwe have taken on the task of introducing the Talula Cup to Zambian women.  The team travel around the country giving talks on menstrual health and hygiene, while introducing the cup as a healthy, money saving alternative to rags and pads.

Spending time with rural women gives the team an insight into the needs and difficulties of these women.  The team encourages open dialogue and they emphasise the need to communicate with their daughters about menstrual health and hygiene.  In many cases they have discovered how little is passed on due to lack of education, traditions and embarrassment on this taboo subject.

The response to the project has been overwhelming, with the team visiting farms and schools every week.

At present most rural school girls will skip school for a few days each month due to lack of sanitary protection.  Likewise, rural women with no access to reliable menstrual products will stay at home during their period to avoid embarrassment and accidents, losing valuable time and income.

The Talula cup allows women and girls to spend more than 8 hours without having to change and therefore they can attend school, work or sport like everyone else, not missing important lessons or events.

Furthermore in rural prisons in Zambia, women spend their period with a chitenge (cloth) wrapped around them while they sit in a corner waiting for their period to finish. 

Alice has started a project to donate a Talula Cup to every woman in a Correction Facility in Zambia.  For more information please see “help your community” page.

Alice’s wish is for every woman of menstrual age in Zambia, to have access to the Talula cup. 


Recent News from Talula

Our blog will feature recent news, ongoing projects, feedback from presentations and demonstrations and more.

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Can you become a sponsor?

Alice’s vision is for every women of menstrual age in Zambia, to have access to the Talula cup. By donating just $9 you could provide a woman in Zambia with a Talula Cup and the education she needs to use it. Contact Alice today if you are able to support this important venture.


Our customers asked us...

Every woman’s body is different. So their experience with the Talula cup may be different.

This site will be updated all the time. We encourage you to ask us questions about the Talula cup – so please contact us and we will happily get back to you. 

Diagram of female reproductive system

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Which size Talula cup should I use?

The larger size is for older women or women who have had a baby.  The smaller cup is for teenagers and women who have not had a baby.

Will the Talula Cup cause cancer?

No the Talula will not cause any kind of cancer.  The Talula cup is made from medical grade silicone. It releases no chemicals unlike pads and tampons. As long as the cup is cleaned it has no cancerous effects.

What if I use a Copper T, Loop, IUD or Coil. Will the Talula Cup touch it or affect its efficiency?

See the diagram on the left.  The blue is where the IUD is held in place. The Talula Cup does not reach so high in the vagina.  It cannot touch the IUD unless the IUD is loose and ready to come out. 

How do I go to the toilet when I have the Talula Cup inside me?

Urine comes from an entirely different tract to the vagina and most people don’t find it a problem to wee with the Talula Cup in place.  However, due to the nature of where the cup lies in the vagina it can cause slight pressure on the bladder, making you either want to wee more or not be able to wee as easily as normal.  If you push the cup up a bit higher this may help.  Or remove the cup to wee if this is possible.  Otherwise just be patient, and wee slowly. 

Does using the Talula Cup mean I have lost my virginity?

Only sexual intercourse (i.e. penetration with a penis) is the cause of losing your virginity. 

Can the Talula Cup break my hymen?

The hymen (cherry) is a thin piece of skin or tissue that partially covers the outside of the vaginas entrance. If you still have one you can see it using a mirror.

Depending on what type of hymen you have and if you still have one, the Talula Cup can break the hymen.  However, even doing sports or cycling can break the hymen.  This can be confusing to people who think this means that they have lost their virginity.  This is not the case.  Only sexual intercourse (i.e. penetration with a penis) is the cause of losing your virginity. 

Some women are born without a hymen. 

Will the tail hurt me or stick out?

The tail is there as a guide to find the cup when it is inserted.  It will not hurt you.  If you want to you can cut the tail a little shorter if you find it sticks out too much.

How long can I leave my Talula Cup inside me?

Depending on your flow, the Talula Cup can remain inserted for up to 10 hours.  If you are experiencing a heavy flow, then every time you go to the toilet you can remove it, empty it, clean it and reinsert.

How do I clean my Talula Cup, I don't always have access to water?

Tip out the blood and wipe with some tissue, then reinsert, but remember to wash your hands as soon as you can.  When you get the chance to wash your Talula Cup you must do so.

You must wash your Talula Cup as often as possible, just like you should wash your hands and clean around your vagina during your cycle as often as possible.

How long will my Talula Cup last me?

If you look after your Talula Cup properly it will last for over 10 years.

Can I use a Talula Cup after giving birth?

Do not use a Talula Cup immediately after giving birth. This is when you should use hospital pads as your cervix will be returning to its original shape for a few weeks after giving birth.

However, once your normal cycle starts again you can use the Talula Cup.

Will the Talula Cup cause my vagina to stretch or grow bigger?

The vagina is a muscle that can stretch and accommodate the cup and then relax back in on itself when it’s empty. When you use the cup it “loosens” but only because the muscle is relaxed to help accommodate it. Every month the first time you use the cup you should find that your vagina is very “tight” again because the muscle has not opened for some time.
If you wish to tighten your vagina you can do exercises.

What if my Talula cup gets lost?

The Talula cup will never get lost.  You may not be able to reach it, but don’t be afraid as the Talula cup cannot get past the cervix.  It’s impossible.  Squeeze down using your stomach muscles, like when you are pushing out a wee. The cup will move down until you can reach it and remove it.

Can I sleep with my Talula cup inside?

The Talula cup can remain inside you while you sleep.  Even lying down, the cup remains sealed. As long as it has been inserted correctly the cup won’t leak.

Can I really do sports and vigorous activities when I'm using the cup?

Yes you can swim, run, cycle, dance, garden, jump, whatever you like.  The Talula cup will remain in place as long as it has been inserted properly.     

Will the Talula cup dry me out like Tampons?

The Talula cup only collects menstrual fluid so it doesn’t dry you out at all.

I’m self conscious when I have my period of smelling.

The Talula cup forms a seal inside you so it won’t release odors, giving you total peace of mind.

Can I have intercourse when I'm using the cup?

No, the Talula cup is inserted in your vagina, so you can’t have intercourse unless you remove it. 

Could the cup work as a contraceptive?

No, it’s not a contraceptive.  The Talula cup is simply an object for collecting menstrual fluid. 

Can I share my cup?

No, just like any other personal item, do not share your Talula cup with anyone.  If you do you can contract or pass on STD’s and other harmful bacteria.  It is for your personal use.  It is important to practice basic hygiene to protect yourself and others.

The first time I used the cup, it spilt and was hard to insert and extract.

The first few times you use the Talula cup it will seem strange.  It takes practice and patience. Once you have used it for a few months, you will be more comfortable with the inserting and removal. 

We recommend practicing inserting and removing the cup a few times when you first start to use the cup.

The cup is expensive. How can I justify buying it?

A years’ worth of cheap sanitary napkins costs more than one Talula cup. Sanitary napkins are not reusable and they don’t break down in the soil for years, therefore causing more rubbish in Zambia. 

Sanitary pads and tampons also use harsh chemicals.  Once you have bought the Talula cup and as long as you look after it, you won’t need any other menstrual product for at least 10 years. 

Rags and homemade pads are cheap, but they are not hygienic, having to be thoroughly washed all the time, even then it is hard to remove all the bacteria.  They are uncomfortable and not very absorbent.  The Talula cup is easily sterilised in boiling water, the Talula cup holds 3 times more fluid than a sanitary pad or tampon.

Can I use the cup if I have just had a baby?

After you have given birth you bleed heavily for a few days. During this time you should use hospital pads. Your cervix needs time to return to its normal shape so it is best not to insert anything during this time.  When you resume your periods (usually after breastfeeding) you can start to use your Talula Cup safely.