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Press release.

  Mkushi, Zambia, September 08, 2017: With an objective of allowing the rural women of Zambia to experience the highest level of personal hygiene during their periods and to positively change the way the women manage their menstruation, Alice Fircks of Druadan Estate in Mkushi, launches the Talula Cup project which is designed to improve […]

Talula menstrual cups making the news

Most people including women, find talking about menstruation uncomfortable.  From an early age we get the message that our periods are shameful, dirty, embarrassing.  Something to keep quiet about, a private matter, to be endured without complaint or announcement.  Taboo or not, it is still a subject that needs addressing especially given that every girl […]

The Talula Project – Improving women’s lives

Founder of Talula – Alice Fircks lives and works on a farm in Northern Zambia. Originally from the UK, she moved to Zimbabwe in 1992, where her husband took up farming.   Alice has always been involved with the farm and consequently the communities living on the farms.  She has set up women’s groups, health […]